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We offer a wide range of poles from Cameron Fuller and Walcot House.

Cameron Fuller poles tend to be suitable for older properties where their classic look works well. We also use them a great deal for bay windows as they are very skillful at bending 19mm metal poles!

Walcot House make very different and unusual poles. If you are looking for something that you are unlikely to see anywhere else then this could be of interest to you. 


We usually recommend Silent Gliss tracks to our customers as we have found them to be of great quality and very robust. They are experts in what they do and in our opinion make some of the best tracks around. 


We work with a very experienced local upholsterer who uses the fabric we supply to recover our customers favourite pieces of furniture. This is not an inexpensive undertaking, so we generally advise that only much loved or high quality pieces of furniture are considered for re-upholstery. Please feel free to email us in a picture of your piece, with basic measurements and we will gladly send you a rough estimate.

Here is a collage of pictures of an Edwardian chair recently reupholstered:



We also offer the full range of tester pots from The Little Greene Paint Company and an ordering service for supply of full tins of paint. If you order your paint by lunchtime from Cromptons it will usually arrive the following day.

Voyage Maison

We can supply any of the Voyage Maison products that can be found on their website and we can also advise on the fabric choices available with each of their pieces of furniture. On display in the shop are two of the stunning mirrors from Voyage Maison; both the Gaia and Vernia Pearl mirrors are available for £348 each.

Gaia Vernia

Duvets and pillows.

We offer ClimaBalance duvets and three chamber pillows from the German manufacturer Kauffmann.


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